Monday, October 6, 2008

Second midnight serum for Jess
cortisol- 19
ACTH - 46
That's higher ACTH than she used to have. There wasn't one for the first night of blood work. The gal in the lab messed up. She was very nice and called me the next morning and wanted to know if it could be redone. I told her we just wouldn't worry about it this time. Although it just occurred to me that the ACTH might of told us something about Justin because the replacement he'd taken shouldn't affect that. When J&J did their 8 a.m. several weeks ago, I remember Jess' ACTH was high. By then I was already suspecting she might not be cured. I think Justin's was in the normal range. But I can't remember what it was.
Bill got his physical, blood work and chest x ray today. Andy was at the hospital so Dr. S saw him. I really don't like that man. Bill wonders why I'm still somewhat bitter towards him. He didn't have to sit through the office visit that I did. Of course, if he had been there the visit would have been completely different. Dr. S doesn't seem to look down on men the same way he does with women and children.
Hope it doesn't take long to get all the results so we can start setting up the testing in LA.

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