Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jess' third midnight serum; cortisol 23.2, ACTH 37. Three tests, three highs. There's no doubt in my mind now.
I took the liberty of emailing Dr. McC after I'd faxed the results to Dr. F. I was mainly curious whether she was a good candidate for a second pit surgery. He (being cautious as he is since all the data isn't in, no MRI yet), says he thinks probably she wouldn't do well with another pit surgery as he thinks the only option might be to remove the gland and he wouldn't want to do that on someone so young. But he says we'll all consult after seeing Dr. F and when all the data is collected.
She has a couple of UFCs ready to send in.


MaryO said...

Sorry to hear that Jess has more in store for her :(

judycolby said...

Thanks Mary. I'm proud of her. I know how long I've suspected, I'm not sure how long she has. But once she decided it was back and time to test, she's faced it head on.