Friday, August 8, 2008

I called Esoterix today. Bill's UFCs weren't done. There were results for two salivas. Just two? I sent five. Yes, there are just two. I know there were five in the box. Maybe they will show up. The two results I got were normal. I ordered two more kits. Although if we lose three of every five I probably should of ordered more.
There is still a box of jugs sitting in the kitchen just waiting for someone to use them.

I've been scanning old negatives and putting on CDs. It's fun to go back through old pictures of the kids. Made me nostalgic. I miss those little kids.
I know from looking at the photos that Justin was still a little kid in second grade. Pretty skinny then. He & I had decided that it was probably around third grade that he started gaining weight. Too bad we didn't know then what we know now.
Both kids had really straight hair then, except Jess' when I'd used the curling iron.
That makes me think of having to comb her hair when she was little. She'd stand with her back or side to me. When I was finished with that spot I'd tell her to turn. Somehow she always turned her body and left her head in the same place! Never knew how she did that but she always did, right up until she was old enough to do her own hair. Somedays it was funny and some days just annoying!

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