Thursday, August 7, 2008

I finally got the results of the kids 8 a.m. bloodwork. Have no idea why it took so long. Also got Bill's last midnight. His first one a few weeks ago was low at 3.2. This one was 19.4. ACTH was 31. Makes me happy.
I'm not sure what to make of the kids' numbers. Jess' cortisol was 25.6 and ACTH was 45. Justin's cortisol was 16.3 and ACTH was 33. There is a different reference range listed for Jess (5-27) than for Bill & Justin (7-50). I'd never noticed that before Wonder if there's a different range for males and females? Vitamin D for both falls pretty much in the middle. Justin's testosterone was in range but down there pretty low.
I am curious about the ACTH being higher than it was before surgery. But, I just remembered, I'm not sure we ever did 8 a.m. blood before surgery except for the dex. So I could be wrong on it being higher. I'd only know that if we did midnights.
I guess it's still wait & see. Jess is at 5 mg and Justin is at 10/5. I almost think Jess could just quit at this point but might not be too smart as she has a couple of trips coming up. Would be better to do it when she will be home full time again.
Justin's was higher than I expected it to be. I figured it would be pretty low. Maybe he'll feel better as he weans lower. I find it odd that he has lost weight even on replacements with a normal cortisol.
My boss told me that she and Justin had a good visit last night. She said it reminded her of when he used to come to the store after school. It was encouraging to hear that.
I need to call Esoterix tomorrow and see if they have results to fax to me. I really can't remember how long it takes. And J&J's salivaries went to ACL and Bill's are going to Esoterix. Hope they have some results.

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