Friday, August 15, 2008

This photo was taken by Jess during one of our lunches with Dad. The Shack was pretty chilly and we happened to have a hoodie in the van. I've never before seen Dad wear anything, except undershirts and teeshirts, that is pullover.

Lunch with Dad last Saturday was very interesting. Jess was at a friend's house so I was going by myself to take Dad to lunch.
My BIL had to be in Hoxie at 1:00 so I asked if he could bring Dad to town and I'd meet them at Trish's. It seemed like a pretty good plan and it would cut down a little on the driving. With gas prices what they are, that's always a good thing!
So I get to town and notice there are no cars parked in front of Trish's. I know I'm a little later than usual but couldn't imagine that everyone in town was done eating at 12:55. Turns out no one in town was eating out that day. Trish's was closed. So we decided to go up to Stop to Shop and eat at the deli. They were closed too! What's with this town and their eating establishments.
Unless we wanted to drive to another town we were down to just one option. Red's. This is a convenience store built back in the seventies. It was "updated" at some point and the bathrooms no longer had an outside entrance (what did all the teens dragging Main do then) and there was a small game room and booths added on the west side. Red's sells made for the microwave sandwiches.
We got sandwiches, chips and pop and had a decent lunch. Just a little different than what we usually do. Dad had never been in Red's before!!! He needed this experience even if he is 89. It was our snack and bathroom stop when I was in high school.
Probably the best thing about being there Saturday was that someone actually sat down to visit with Dad. I've never figured out what it is, but no one stops to visit with him when we go out. My sister and SIL say the same thing. I wonder if people think they will be breaking into family time. I know it's not because of people not liking Dad. I want to put a sign on the table that says "It's okay, sit down and visit".
So I was very glad that Jack sat down to visit. Jack farms and he and Dad got around to talking about wild marijuana growing on their places! That was interesting. I know that there was usually some growing at certain places along the creek when I was a kid.

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