Saturday, August 2, 2008

I work in a photo shop. Over the years I've seen a lot of law enforcement photos. That I can't really talk about, except maybe in generalities. Most agencies have gone digital and don't always print their photos so we don't see them as often.
I think the most interesting are the drug busts made on I-70. It seems to me that no matter how you try to disguise the drugs, as gifts, part of your luggage, in false pickup bottoms, it doesn't matter, if they call in the drug dogs. They find it all.
The other day the local KBI agent came in. His digital camera broke and he has to wait for the state to get him a new one. So he'll be a customer again for awhile. Most officers are good about telling us if we will find bodies on the film. Thank goodness, there's nothing worse than to be printing along and find a body lying there. One time they told me that the pictures were of an autopsy. What they failed to mention was that the body had been exhumed!!! My first clue was seeing backhoes in a cemetery.
Anyway, the other day the agent brought in some film and told me there was a body on one of the rolls. He said something like "a man and his gun", so I was not preparaed to see such a young man, about 20 or so. It always bothers me to see these type of photos but this time it was really hard.
When the KBI agent came in to pick them up I decided to bring up the topic of suicide and pituitary tumors. I was sure he had no idea. So then we went from there to homicide and pituitary tumors. He did ask me how I'd come to study such a thing! I told him. I don't know if he actually took anything away from the conversation or not and if he did what could he do about it.

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