Friday, August 22, 2008

Tomorrow I head to Denver to pick Jess up at DIA. She's been in Seattle on a trip sponsored by Microsoft. Sounds like she's been having a good time. I'm glad. It's about time she got to travel for fun instead of medical issues.
After I pick her up we're going to meet another member of the Cushing's board
( Diane also has a daughter who has had pit surgery. But she has had THREE. Kelsey, her daughter, may make it, it's the start of her college year and may have too much going on. It'd be great if she could make it too. Possibly another couple of members may make it but not sure. I know one hasn't been feeling well and the other has been very busy and possibly not feeling very good either, she doesn't say much about how she's feeling.
I love the times I've got to meet other members. While alot of people in my life are supportive of what our family is/has going through only another member would really understand. And of course as mothers we have somewhat different issues than the patients have. Can't wait to meet her.
There is another mother in Greeley but she can't make it tomorrow. Maybe I can meet her someday also.

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