Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jess is home from Seattle but hasn't weaned again. I think she'll go to 2.5 mg any day now. She had a good time. I'm glad she went. Now she has to make sure and stay on top of her school work. I think it'll be easier to do this year since she isn't sick.
Justin seems to have no adverse affects from stopping his hydro. Of course by the time he told me about it, he'd already been off it for awhile. If anything I think he acts like he feels better. He says "maybe" so I guess if he does it's slow enough that he's not noticing too much. But I only see him every few days and he acts like he feels better.
Bill has a few more salivas in the freezer. Two more and I can send them to the lab. I sent a jug with him tonight. He never seems to remember to do any testing unless I remind him. Of course I have to pay attention to how he's acting/feeling. If I'm off on my timing, it just upsets him that I'm making him test. I'm hoping we can make it to LA sometime in Oct. for the big tests he needs done. We'll see.

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