Thursday, August 21, 2008

Justin came by this morning. I guess he & Faith and their roommate Amanada are looking for another place to live. Surely they are tired of moving by now! This will be their 4th place since May of '07. But maybe if they have a roommate to help share expenses and it's just ONE roommate this time it will work out. Amanda seems to be the only responsible one they've had so far.
He did tell me something interesting while he was here at the store. I asked about his hydro dose and how much he was on right now. I know, you'd think I'd know this, but I've sometimes wondered if he'd weaned sometimes without telling me. I guess he did, he quit taking it about a week and a half ago or so. Which means he went from about 10 - 15 mg daily to nothing with no side affects. I had suspected for some time that he'd be able to do that. He says he can't tell any difference in how he feels. He's always said that - never could tell if he did or didn't take it. Except the one time he tried to withhold for a midnight draw, which it turned out we didn't have orders for. He ended up not being able to make it all day. But that was over a month or so ago.
Actually, if anything he seemed "better" today than he had in a while. But I don't see him too much.
Jess is at 5 mg. She said she didn't think she wanted to just drop to nothing from there. So I'm guessing that she'll go down to 2.5 mg when she gets back from Seattle.
So, they've weaned easily - wonder what that really means. Guess it's still watch, wait & pray.

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