Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I left work early on Monday & Jess and I left for Denver. Her flight to Seattle left early Tuesday. Her flight was about 8:30 MDT. I came home and got to work about 2:00 CDT. I'm sure she was in Seattle before I was back to town.
She posted on her blog evening. Sounds like it will be busy.
Justin started back to work on Monday. I haven't talked to him since then so don't
Know how it's going. I hope it's going okay. I think he weaned again this week & I'm pretty sure he has dropped his afternoon dose. Jess dropped her's a few weeks ago. Justin says he can never tell when he weans so I don't suppose it makes much difference if he weans fairly fast right now.

I wonder how either/both of them will do when they try to go clear off the hydro.
I picked up two more midnights of Bill's on Monday. They were 5 & 5.1. Not diagnostic but definitely not normal. He'll get there, slowly. Trying to decide how soon we can make it back to LA for testing.

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