Friday, August 1, 2008

The kids did 8 a.m. bloodwork on Monday. I went out today to pick up their results. All we got was just the regular workup. I was a little annoyed as I'd been looking forward to seeing their cortisol levels. We used to be able to do midnights Monday or Tuesday night and have results on or before Friday. So I can't figure out why when they were done first thing Mon. morning we don't have results yet.
Waiting for cortisol, ACTH (but they won't be accurate, Jess said the tubes weren't chilled), Vitamin D and testosterone for Justin. By the time I can get out to get them next week they should have Bill's last midnight results. I'm having a hard time guaging him. I know he's worse and hurts terribly. Wonder if the VitD will help when he still has an underlying problem. It's been awhile since I last saw him guzzling juice by the quarts. I'll never figure him out!!!


Jessie said...

Mom, you'll never get anything figured out, because once you do, something else is going to go wrong and it's just going to be a never ending cycle. You just like to drive yourself crazy, don't you? Do we need to send you on a vacation to the looney bin?? Haha, just joking, I love you and would never do that, nor put you in a nursing home, but that's another story for another time.

HA! How was that random bolding and italicising for ya?

judycolby said...

I got you a diagnosis didn't I?

Jessie said...

Yeah, BUT aren't you still going around in circles driving yourself crazy trying to decide if Justin and I have a cure?? EXACTLY! But I don't blame you, I'd probably do the same. Maybe you could just run away for a year and come back and everything would be better (or we'd all be dead). Although I doubt that would keep you from worrying, you'd still worry, a bunch.

Mary said...

Hey Judy, get Bill some cherry juice concentrate. It is awesome for aches and pains. I drink it and it really really helps. You can get it in capsules or concentrate. There are several places in our area that sell it.