Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm wondering when it became okay for newscasters to talk about how the early voting is going. It used to be that nothing could be said about results until the polls closed in California. Nothing to sway the late voters, as some want to back a winner. Or some would see their candidate winning and figure they didn't need to vote.
I just think it's wrong to talk about which way a state is swinging based on early voting.
Opening weekend for pheasant season here in NW KS. A few years ago it was changed to the first weekend in Nov. I really can't remember why. It had been the second weekend of Nov. for as long as I could remember. I was a waitress right out of high school and opening weekend was a biggy. It seemed half of eastern KS was in our neck of the woods. At least half of them were drunk by supper time. Made for really good tips.
There was a group from Wichita that used to hunt my dad's land for several years. All I really remember was that they'd bring a huge box of chocolates for Mom and us kids. I think the first year they either gave or wanted to give us some of their pheasants. My family wasn't real big on eating game. Probably why we got chocolates from then on.

Jess wasn't feeling very good when she got up to do papers. So when we got home she took some hydro (I think, she said she was going to) and went back to bed. Usually wouldn't worry about it but her last soccer game is in a few hours and she'd really like to play. Hope she can make it.

Can't forget to change the clock tonight.

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