Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gianduja: The culinary word for the combination of chocolate and hazelnuts.
March 31

I got our big news at the end of the day. Debbie, from Dr. Chiang's office had said she would probably call me today with a surgery date. By the time she called, around 5:15, I had actually forgotten about it. But when the phone rang, I knew it was her.

Justin and Jess will have their BLAs (bilateral adrenalectomy) on May 6. We'll fly to Milwaukee on the 4th and have dr. appointments on the 5th. From what I understand, if everything goes well, they will be out of the hospital on Thursday (7th) and then we stick around for a followup appointment the next week. She said we shouldn't plan on coming home until the 15th.

Now I need to process this all.

I had already been looking at flights and hotels. Now I will soon take the plunge and book them.


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ReadyGo said...

I'm glad you have dates and can start the planning process. Good luck to you, and I'll definitely let you know how my appt with Dr. F goes today. Thank you for all of your help! :)