Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Netherlands both imports and grinds the most cacao in the world.
March 4

Things are really sinking in that this is finally going to happen - four surgeries this year. Personally, I want this all done as soon as possible, don't we all! I'm considering whether I can go ahead and contact Dr. Chiang even though Dr. F hasn't officially said that J&J can go straight to BLA. I guess I feel like if there isn't something being set up, testing being done (and there's no more of that) or results to wait for, I must be wasting my time! I've just been pushing way too long. It's as if the finish line is almost in sight and I want to get there.
Jess is gone until Saturday. It's state b-ball tournament for the home school teams. She is going down with another family. When I get off work Friday, I'll go down. We'll stay with my niece and family that night, they're only about 40 minutes away. It'll be fun to see them.
So tonight she went with my sister, Sue, over to Grinnell for supper at the VFW (first Wednesday of the month). They were meeting up with Elsie, Ronnie & Dad. She will then have my sister, Elsie, take her to Albie's house, which is only about three miles from Elsie. They're leaving about 5 a.m. tomorrow. So she was excited about having supper with some of the family tonight.
So I'm home all alone, Bill left for work about and hour and a half ago. He has his abdominal CT tomorrow morning. Poor guy can't eat or drink tonight. I picked up his barium today at the hospital. All I could think, was I was so glad it wasn't mine this time. I've drank more of that crap than I want to remember.
Yesterday Sue called about the end of the day and asked if she could come down and talk to me after I locked up. She sounded pretty serious, so of course I said she could. She works at the hospital and had talked to their social worker about the position we could be in if Bill gets too sick or his recovery is very long. She had several resources that Kelly had given her. Kelly even said she could help fill out paperwork if we needed, as she does it all the time. How great is that. Sue had talked to Elsie about it and they were afraid I'd be upset and not want to try to get any assistance. Well, they were wrong. When this is staring you in the face you decide that being strong and doing it all yourself isn't always the best way.
First, Kelly said Bill should start the process now of filing for disability, that way if it takes awhile, we have an early start. And if in the end he doesn't need it, that's okay. There's also now a guy at the local SRS offices who does voc rehab. Kelly said the kids should apply. Same thing, if they need it at some point, it's in place. If they never need it, that's okay too.
Should also start looking at Medicaid. I think I need to make an appointment to talk with Kelly myself. It's so great to have an organized and resourceful sister. So, more things to get done.

Oh, oh, oh, I'm listening to iTunes, Jess. I hardly ever listen to my music. Right now it's "Old Time Rock & Roll" by Bob Seger Reminds me of living in Great Bend. Definitely a song best listened to with the volume on high. And then play it through a second time. I think every jukebox in town had this on it.

"Knocking on Heaven's Door" - dragging Main in Hoxie. Man, were we innocent then but thought we were so grown up. I think how much J&J have experienced at their age compared to what I had. I had never heard of Cushing's when I was in high school, much less lived with it.

"Drinking my Baby Goodbye" - Charlie Daniels Band. hhhmmm, This could of been our theme song back in our twenties! Glad to be past that phase.

"Cat Scratch Fever" - Pantera There's really a disease called that. A former customer of ours was/is (?) the videographer for Pantera. I printed a lot of their party pictures. Not my thing at all.

Garth Brooks - "I've Got Friends in Low Places" - guess that's what happens when you hung out at a place called the Water Hole.

'Bad to the Bone" by George Thurgood ????

"The Streets of Bakersfield" - Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens I think it's sad and mournful,

Right now "Cherry Hill Park" by Bill Joe Royal is playing. I loved this song as a young kid. I knew all the words and in later years learned that I had no idea what they meant, which I guess is a good thing!

Ah,Juice Newton & "The Queen of Hearts". I used to house sit for my city editor when I worked at the Great Bend Tribune. I would lay on their floor and listen to Juice blasting from their stereo. I love her music. She was in Colby a few years ago. I thought it was great.

"TNT" & "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" by ACDC always make me think of Justin when he was at this worst. Not sure I want to examine that one too closely!! Actually, I think it's because he used to play them a lot.

"Ruby" by Kenny Rogers. I was high school age or younger, I think, when this was popular and it used to make me want to cry. He is so sad.
More music some other day.
Just got a message from Jess that says my sister, Myrna, will be in Salina this weekend. That's close to where we'll be. Wonder if we can see each other. Jess must of heard this from one of her aunts.
All my talk of music has made me sad. Some of the songs are sad and some just remind me of great times with friends. I miss those friends, they all live far away. We shared a lot of years of our lives, good, bad & in between. I wonder what it would be like if any of them lived close to me now. Would they understand this journey our family is taking or would they let me drift away.


Gracie said...

Hey Judy! A little birdie from the boards told me that you CAN call Dr. Chiang and get things going. They are use to his office and how slow it can run at times. I think you would need to send them some of the high results that showed the recurrence. I forget now what all they request, but anyway, you can get it started. I say go for it!

I hope you can get more financial help! Just don't sign up for Medicaid until you've had those surgeries! Medicaid is only good in the state you live in. Each state is different. I know Dr. Chiang's office won't take Ohio medicaid.


Steve said...

Why is it that listening to music from our past can make us sad, even melancholy? Probably reminds us of our youth, younger and more carefree days, of lost friendships. It can be difficult sometimes, its good to remember but also to look ahead. Your little family has been through such a lot with still so far to go. I am amazed and admire your strength and ability to handle it all! The future can only be brighter!