Thursday, March 19, 2009

When baking your chocolate goodies, use nonreactive stainless steel bowls, which are good heat conductors. If you're using the microwave, glass bowls are necessary.
March 19

Bill got home from Russell this morning. They finished up location and don't know when they move. Last they'd heard, the front office was talking seven days between locations. That would essentially cut their hours in half. Hoping the oilfield picks back up soon. The one good thing will be that he has time to rest for the next location.
I came across a great camera. I really wish I needed a new one.LOL And that I could afford a new one. This one has a 24x optical zoom!! Wow. I love zooms, it's much easier to get natural photos of people when they aren't conscious of the camera. But the good thing is that by the time I can get a new camera the price will have dropped. Also more manufacturers will start using a large zoom. The pictures I could take with that and the fun I could have. Actually, I just love cameras and would buy a lot if I had spare cash.
Spring is on the way, none to soon for me.

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