Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Milka bar (Alpenmilch in Europe) is called a "chocolate confection." It's not called chocolate in the United States
because it has added whey and hazlenut paste.
March 3

I think we came up with a plan yesterday. Just hope it works like we want. Bill wants to wait on his pit surgery until the kids are taken care of. Even if Dr. McC was to see tumor on a new MRI, the kids still want a BLA, get it done and over with. So I've emailed Dr. F and asked if they wanted BLAs anyway is there any reason to get a new MRI at this point. If we have to get them and wait for Dr. McC to read them, it could set us back quite a few weeks. I asked him if he would clear them for BLAs now. He had said he wouldn't push us one way or the other, I hope he means that. And I hope it doesn't take a month or more to hear back from him.


Gracie said...

Hey Judy! I agree that you have laid out the best plan. I hope the kids can go on to BLA, with or without the MRI. He will probably want it, just because. Even with the BLA, just because of the risk of Nelsons. I don't think it should hold up a BLA though.

Poor Bill! Bless his heart! He's been suffering with this for a long time too! I think it's great of him to want the kids to go first, even though it is more suffering for him!

Hugs to all of you!


Christina said...

Why is it that listening to music from our past can make us sad, even melancholy? Probably reminds us of our youth, younger and more carefree days, of lost friendships. It can be difficult sometimes, its good to remember but also to look ahead. Your little family has been through such a lot with still so far to go. I am amazed and admire your strength and ability to handle it all! The future can only be brighter!