Friday, March 13, 2009

There are only three things in life that matter - good friends, good chocolate, and, oh dear what was that other one?
March 13
Okay, so I'm wrong. I guess Jess does plan to ski. Hope all bones stay in one piece! She's never done this before.
My sister said that Dad's new found energy that came with the new pacemaker only lasted a day or two. That's too bad for him. I suppose he enjoyed having a bit more energy.
Well, we've gotten recycling done, the Plaza cleaned (usually do that on Sunday afternoon, but Jess will be gone then), had supper and cleaned some house. Yes, actually cleaned some! And I dug through that pile of mail that I let collect on the table. I always grab the important stuff and make it into a separate pile when it comes. And for a while I keep up with the junk then let it pile up again. I really didn't use to do this.
And in the middle of all that unopened mail, most of which is BC/BS statements that I've already seen online (I really need to stop paper statements), Jess found my $50 Alltel rebate. I've been wondering for a month or so where it was and it was on my table the whole time. Also found $20 of Dillons checks that are the rewards on my Dillons credit card. Guess I should of cleaned that table awhile back!
Will do some more cleaning tomorrow. We just may get this house back in shape yet! This time when we leave for surgery, whenever that may be, I'd like to leave with a cleaner house than we did last year. Jess mentioned that too. I used to hate to leave the house overnight without things put away and straightened up. But somewhere along the way with everyone sick I just lost interest in keeping up.
We will tackle the sewing room tomorrow. Too much in too small a room! But with four surgeries coming up and finances not being the greatest to start with I'm at least not adding to my fabric stash. I only accomplish that by staying out of quilt shops. Well, except once a month when we go to $5 Quilt.

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