Monday, March 2, 2009

The way you eat an Oreo reveals your personality: if you eat the whole thing at once, you're carefree, even irresponsible.
March 2

About two years ago I started a blog on the Cushing's website. I wasn't too faithful, I see. I'm moving the few posts that I did, over to this blog. I wished I would of done better. It's interesting to see my thoughts back then.

Apr 2 2007, 12:41 PM
What are the odds, if I start to keep a blog I'll actually keep up with it? At the moment it seems like a good idea because Maybe I'll keep rack pf symptoms better. Maybe I should keep track of this time to come because I feel that somehow it will have a big impact on our family life. Whatever happens tith the kids will change forever how we are. It may not be big changes but it will be changes.

Hopefully some of the changes will be getting a diagnosis for Justin and get him on the road to recovery. His personality changes so often,sometimes subtle, but a change nevertheless, that I'm not really sure who he is. I'm ready to find out.
So far I'm not sure what to think of Jess because she really isn't sick, she just has so many symptoms. Which I'm sure if left alone she will probably be sick in a few years. Not something to look forward to.

I'm not to faithful at this
Oct 7 2007, 11:04 AM
Well, it's been a few months since I decided it would be a good idea to keep this blog. I should of known how I'd do. I used to love to buy diaries and then I seldom wrote in them, but I sure loved having them.

Since my last entry alot has happened. Justin moved out of the house in May. He & Faith have an apartment together. I wasn't really ready for him to move what with him being sick. But since moving he has taken on more responsibility and that is a good thing.
Jess is also being tested for Cushings. I feel so sad for her. But hopefully we're catching it in time and she will never have to travel the same road as Justin. I would guess that having watched him for the last two years is what makes her want to test.
I have alot of thoughts about how this has impacted our family but some days it's just hard to face.
I believe I usually think of Jusitn first when thinking of the kids being sick because he showed symptoms first and has been in such bad shape. I pray I pray.
Jess not going to public school this year is really a blessing. Info about IQAcademy came just in time. Not odd at all how that works out. As she said yesterday, life really isn't tough for me when you really never have to get off the couch if you don't want to. I think if I had to get her up every morning and she had to face a day at school every day, life wouldn't seem quite this easy.

Photo link
Oct 7 2007, 12:47 PM
I'll see if this works, putting up a link to my photos I've loaded onto Flickr are just various photos I've taken at different times. I have alot on film I want to scan & mess with in photoshop. I think my favorites will be still lifes of Mom's things.

Made a decision (I think)
Oct 14 2007, 07:40 AM
While doing papers this morning I was thinking about Cheryl Evertt & how I need to call or write and thank her for info she sent me a while back. She was diagnosed by Dr. Potisha from Denver. He comes to the Goodland hospital to their specialty clinic.

I didn't want to originally take the kids to him because I was afraid he would be like all the other doctors and brush us off. Testing after being in LA has shown they both have alot of elevated tests. Justin in all three categories (serum, urine & saliva). Jess just in serum. All her salivaries were low & her UFCs (urinary free cortisol) leaked in transit so could not be tested.
After surgery (presuming they get to that point) they will need a local endo to work with. The endo that comes to the specialty clinic in Colby is not an option. We have seen her (before she started coming to Colby) and she was way less than helpful.
I think I'm going to make an appointment with Dr. Potisha. It then occured to me that there is a chance when he sees some of their numbers he could make a diagnosis. How scary. The problem with that is that I'm afraid if we want surgery with Dr. McC at MDA we'll have to prove their cases all over again to the endo team there.
I have a phone consult with Dr. F. on Dec. 2nd. Seems like a long way off & I'm pretty sure that he will have them continue to test more. Thankfully, it is Justin that is having the best test results. He is the sickest and he is the one that Dr. F has questioned if he really has Cushings.
I'm about at my wits end with both of them sick. Jess is getting more symptoms recently & that worries me. Justin seems to of decided that he doesn't mind his quality of life & just wants to live with it.
Me? I just want to run away.

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