Thursday, March 12, 2009

In the 1960 cartoon "The Chocolate Chase," Speedy Gonzales takes on Daffy Duck, a gaurd at a Mexican chocolate factory, when Daffy denies the mice chocolate bunnies for Easter.
March 12

I'm so ready for spring. We had a taste of it last week but this week I am doing the morning paper route in single digits again. BBBRRRR
Bill's rig moves again tomorrow. He had off last night and tonight. I think this move will be over two hours from home so he probably will get a motel room & cut out a lot of driving.
Dad got home yesterday from having his pacemaker/defibrilator replaced.We all got an email today from my sister.
I talked with the CRNA this
morning as he was not at home
when I tried him last night. He was not at all
surprised to hear of this surge
of energy. He said there has been a real
increase of blood flow to the brain and extremities and this is to be expected.
ENJOY IT!! as he said. So, if today is somewhat similar it would lead me to
wonder why they turned it down so low in the first place. Granted he was still
alive with that speed, but barely functional. I guess time will tell. He likened
his new energy to cleaning out a carbuerator (sp?) and having a better running
vehicle after that.

I didn't
know who all had talked last night - but yes, he was doing some very interesting
and energetic things. Had Elsie and group giggling and yet a bit

I guess things must be set a little different than with his old one. Sounds like it's a good thing for Dad. Now, just as long as he doesn't think this means he can drive again. I'm pretty sure it won't do a thing for his reflexes! I saw him for a few minutes yesterday on his way home. I can't wait to see him Saturday and see how he's doing.
My copier/printer at home is being a pain. It will barely print and then only the magenta. And very light at that. I had just replaced all the ink, done nozzle checks and header (?) checks and, nothing. I was going to copy all the medical records. I may have to do that at work. The scanner works fine, which I guess is good, but it sure would be nice if the printer did also.
Justin started his keto last night. Jess has been on it a fw days. I'm not sure if she's feeling any difference of not. She leaves Sunday afternoon to go skiiing with the youth group. I don't think she plans on skiing, but there are other activities.

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