Friday, December 12, 2008

Bill & I got home last night. Now it's back to real life. Early mornings, cold weather, a house that still needs cleaned and work. We were pretty busy today, did no one know it's Friday. Friday is catch up day and a day that for some reason we seldom see customers unless they're coming in to pick up.
But then it didn't seem like Friday to me either. I've been off on days since we left for LA last Saturday. This may sound crazy but I was really thrown flying for medical reasons on a Saturday. I realized every time we've flown for medical appointments or surgery we left on a Tuesday and flew back on a weekend. So I guess in my mind that was the way this trip should of been.
Tomorrow Jess & I go take Dad to lunch again and that will put me back on schedule. It has been three weeks since I last saw him as we missed the last two weekends. It'll be good to see him again.
Jess is at Ashley's. Must be a Friday thing, she was there last week too. Bet they're playing Wii.
I hate Cushing's. I want a normal life again. I don't want to always think about the next step or rearrange scenarios in my mind about how we get all three healthy again. Or worry about whether they will ever be healthy. I remember another mother from the Cushing's board one time saying "it's always in the room." She was so right, it doesn't matter where that room is, home, work, hotel, church, Cushing's is there. I'm tired of trying to figure out what we do if Bill can't continue to work.
Sometimes I hate people who appear (key word there) to have normal lives. Actually I remember having a fairly normal life. Although looking back I know that Cushing's has never been a friend to our marriage.
I quite often wonder who died and left me in charge. Where is my mother when I need her.