Monday, December 1, 2008

Had a somewhat odd thing happen today. When I got to work there was an envelope with my name on it in the film dropbox. It was only a few dollars short of what our renters owe monthly. I just figured they were a little short at the moment. I did think it was strange that they were paying in cash as always before they have used a check. I didn't think that much about it except to think that I'd have to get them a receipt.
Imagine my surprise when our renter knocked on the door tonight and handed me the rent check for December.
I've wracked my brain trying to decide who gave us this wonderful gift but obviously they don't want us to know. I then think back to a couple of months ago when I thought that my city and gas bills looked different. Different as in, they were pretty low. I called the gas company to ask about it and was told that an anonymous person had made a payment for us. So when the city bill came and it was smaller than usual, I was smart enough to examine it closely and see that a payment had been made there also.
It's harder to find payments made on the gas bill. But even if I had noticed it, I still would of called because I knew I hadn't made a payment. Ours is done with auto debit. I do that with most of my bills now because these past few years I've almost been forgetting to pay the bills on time. I hate late payments, but I just couldn't seem to get it done on time.
I'm very grateful for this anonymous benefactor but it makes me feel humble. I can think of so many people who would do this - church members, family members, my boss, etc... I wish I could thank them.
Then I think about it some more and know that I must pass some of it on. There are many much worse off than we. It's nice to have enough to share some with others. It's nice to know there are good people out there. It's nice to know someone cares about our finances during our medical marathon.
For some reason this makes me think of trying to pay Dad back if you owed him money for some reason. Say he'd picked something up for you or whatever. Anyway, I learned that the only way to pay him back was to put the money directly into his account. If you gave him a check he'd take it and never cash it. If you tried to give him cash he'd wave it away.
I want to be more like Dad. He gives money to anyone he thinks needs it. He's given his car to people who needed one. He always says he doesn't need much. He's a great man.


Gracie said...


I posted on this and it never posted. Anyway, I'd said how good God is, and how he takes care of us in mysterious ways. We had a great surprise recently too. We buy our beef from someone at our church. Their son and his wife are GIVING us a quarter of a beef. We will be buying one in the late winter/early spring, but we are about out, and need some right now. They said they wanted to do this to help us out since we've been through so much this year. It was totally unexpected, but much appreciated! God is so good!


judycolby said...

I know - at the most unexpected times.........