Thursday, December 11, 2008

We've been back at the room for awhile. Bill is sleeping. I think having two procedures just two days apart was a little hard on him. He's pretty sore where they inserted the catheter into his thighs. Same place both days. Think he'll be glad to get home tomorrow.
Discharge orders say no lifting more than 10 lbs for a week. That rules out his working. Oil rig work is pretty physical. He called Bernie today, head guy at the Colby office and told him about not being able to work for another week. Bernie said he'd probably be off until after Christmas since the rig usually shuts down for a while then.
That's going to be tough. Lost pay can cost a lot with this disease. Murfin's has no sick days. By the time he goes back to work he'll be at least three weeks with no pay. Not a good situation. But I've accepted it and am okay with it. It can't be changed. Took about a half hour or so to get over being scared to death of what we'll do with no pay. But I do wonder how we pay our half of the insurance when there is no check to take it out of. Wonder if we write them a check. That'll hurt. It's about the size of my paycheck,
Leaving in the morning for home. Should get into Denver mid afternoon and then on to Colby. Back to work on Friday.

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