Monday, December 8, 2008

I just saw that I've done100 posts. Imagine that!
It seems that Bill is just one year behind the kids in his Cushing's journey. It was late June of 07 that I took J&J to see Dr. Friedman in Los Angeles, halfway across the country. One year later I was taking Bill.
It was about one year ago that I brought J&J back out to LA for IPSS. Now here I am with Bill.
So when I come out here with Bill it all seems familiar. We stay at the same places because I know they work. Saturday, coming up in the elevator when we arrived, it stopped at our floor and I knew to wait about 10-15 seconds and it would drop about 1/2" and then the doors would open. Now, that isn't something that I even knew I remembered until it was happening. I found that amusing.
Of course the experience at UCLA was different. The department has moved to a new location. Looks like a new building. But then you wonder, how do you build a new place in the middle of LA? It's already pretty full! Regardless, the department moved.
But I'll tell you - the new department is really cool but they don't seem near as efficient as last year with the kids. Three different people went over the exact same questions with us this morning. I was beginning to think that they were trying to see if he'd change his answers! The anesthesiologist told us this morning, after she took BP and got 205/121 that the procedure might not happen. She didn't even bother me because I knew that we weren't leaving without it. I told her to check his chart, that we'd sent a letter from the cardiologist clearing him for this procedure. So she had to go find it. Then came up with the plan for sedation.
Nobody seemed to know what procedure he was having, although I presume Dr. D would know when he got in the room! Then each had to tell him what he should be doing for his high BP. Been there, done that, doesn't work, let's get on with the business at hand.
Last year, if I remember right, everyone talked to us at once (so we only gave the info once) and seemed to know what Cushing's was. Seems it's a different system now. I thought it seemed like a waste of time for three people to go over the exact same questions.
So, it has been somewhat different this year.
It seems really odd to be in warm weather and listen to Christmas music. Yesterday I heard "Walking in a Winter Wonderland." Not a a chance of that here. Christmas lights in warm weather and on palm trees are also a bit different.
Seems the LA Times is filing for bankruptcy.
One test down one to go.

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