Sunday, December 7, 2008

I wrote a long post last night and the internet quit just as I was posting! I quite often copy into wordpad first for that very reason, but....... So I'll make another attempt.
We got to LA late yesterday afternoon. I think we checked in right at 5 p.m. PST.
We left home around 7 a.m.. It's only a little over three hours to DIA but I hate to take any chances when we're flying. I like to arrive way before we need to be there. I found THE coldest bathroom I have ever been in, on the way to Denver. We stopped at McDonald's in Burlington. It was seriously colder in the bathroom than it was outside. Guess they don't worry about employees taking too long! But I really hate cold toilet seats.
As it turned out, once we parked the car, caught the shuttle, restrooms, stop at the bookstore, security, food & drink, etc., we got to the gate about an hour before our flight. Which was okay, I brought a lot of books with me, expect to be doing a lot of waiting. Bill had picked up books at the airport.
Jess tells me I always go to sleep before takeoff. I think she's right except this time I vaguely remember starting to lift off but that's all. We had a short layover and I stayed awake during the next flight. Finished a book.
We went to Ralph's and stocked up on groceries last night. Probably don't need a whole lot. Mostly sandwich makings. The free bag Bill got at Hudson Books in the airport (because he bought three books, one for me) came in very handy. Much easier to carry a bag over your shoulder than turn your fingers numb. We're just two or three blocks from the store. Bill intends to get a good meal today at the Farmer's Market. We're going there because a guy he works with wants him to get him some certain raspberry jam (preserves?). I think we may have to ship it home, I'm guessing that we can't take glass jars in our carry on luggage. And I don't want to check bags.
Bill's showering and I think we might figure out some place to go. I didn't think he'd want to go anywhere. Guess I was wrong. Better remember my camera.
Called Jess last night. Sounds like she had a good day. She's staying with Ardath. Jason & Erin, our new youth pastor and his wife took her to supper last night. They'd also picked her up for practice for the Christmas program. She'll spend most of today with them. They were picking her up for Sunday school and then she'll just stay with them until after the Christmas program tonight. There is also a practice this afternoon. She'll get to know them better. They seem so nice. Have three cute kids also.
Jess sent me an email yesterday. We'd gotten a thank you from Katie for our gift at her bridal shower. Jess typed out her card so I could read it. Had to laugh when I read this part
I will always have fond memories of our days at Colby Photo together - even when
I hear certain songs will make me think of you both. Thank you for your
wonderful friendship. You are truly a blessing to me in my life. May God bless
you always. See you soon!! Love, Katie

Jess and I have certain songs that always remind us of different people that worked with me. So it was funny to hear Katie say this. I'll have to ask her which songs and see if they match ours. Jess and I have different songs I think that remind us of her.
Bill's about ready to go, so I'll post more later.

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