Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vote for MaryO
She has done so much for the Cushie community. It's a chance to get Cushing's some exposure and MaryO the recognition she deserves. Everyone go vote for MaryO and let's change the nature of the Cushing's beast. Getting doctors to recognize this disease would make the journey soooo much easier.

I also found this today.

Welcome to the 2008 Medical Weblog Awards! This is
the fifth year of the competition. These awards are designed to showcase the
best blogs from the medical blogosphere, and to highlight the exciting and
useful role medical blogs play in medicine and in society.

I nominated Robin at I think she has a wonderful blog and has caught the eye of the medical community. Maybe by being nominated (several times! all you Cushies check this out) and winning (hopefully) the word about Cushing's will spread. Even if she doesn't win I would think that having many nominations out there will catch the attention of some people and the word will still spread.
So everybody go nominate Robin. We must spread the word. Think how great it would be if Cushing's became recognized by many PCPs and endos out there. Maybe some year another generation won't have to fight so hard to get a diagnosis and treatment. How great would that be.
So, for all those who come behind us, please go vote for these two wonderful women..

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