Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm sad. My friend has stage III ovarian cancer. She starts chemo next week.
Lou was a customer at the store for many years, probably the best customer we had. We'd joke and ask her when she was just going to come work with us. At some point we asked her seriously if she would consider working part time as our "fill in." She agreed and has worked with us for several years.
She would fill in when we needed her. She told us at the beginning that her grandkids sports always took first place. We knew that because we'd always known how much watching her grandkids play meant to her. That's what most of her photos were.
A few months ago, I really can't remember when, she started feeling bad. So she went to her doctor. I can't remember exactly how it all went but there was a lot of testing.
She's pretty closed mouth about all of it. Tonight she sent out a mass email telling everyone what was going on.
For some reason I always suspected that they would find cancer. I'm sorry that I was not wrong.

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