Sunday, December 14, 2008

I came across a blog last night that I had to study this morning and see if I still felt the need to contact her. Today I decided I must contact her and just sent her a message. I'd left a comment on her blog but it seemed that she probably wasn't planning on being back to in very soon as she has a lot going on.
She has a 13 month old son who looks like he has Cushing's. She had mentioned that doctors had thought that at one time when his labs were coming back abnormal. But then they had him retested and labs were normal and he had stopped growing.
The blogger has an etsy sight and I figured out how to contact her (I hope anyway). I gave her contact info for me and for the Cushing's site. I hope she takes me seriously. The little boy reminds me so much of pictures I've seen Jackie's and Jo's (Cushing's board members) girls when they were babies.
I pray that they find answers.

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