Monday, December 8, 2008

Yesterday we rode the bus to Venice Beach and walked around for awhile. We ended up walking to Santa Monica Pier. It was really nice. Cool things to take photos of. People everywhere. Some kinda strange. I always wonder about that, have they always been like that. Are they homeless, some look it, they need to bathe. Not to get to deep here, but a couple of years ago I figured out exactly how homelessness happens. It wasn't a real long thought process either. Look at a person with Cushing's, when the depression, apathy, pain, etc. gets so bad, what's left? What if one can't work because of all this and there is no one else to help. I try to stifle those thoughts most days. But I understand how it happens. No one has that for their life goal. Bill had taken a photo of a group of guys from Italy. They offered to take one of us too. We have very few of us together. Yes, this is what Bill looks like. He used to keep his hair and beard trimmed up. I bet it's been a year since he's done that. Wonder why after all these years he's let it grow. Not that I mind, I just wonder. Seems he's gotten a lot grayer in the last year also.
Bill said this was some of the best clam chowder he's ever had. Said the bread bowl was good too. We ate at Santa Monica Pier.

I presume this is a lifegaurd chair? Not really sure as it's a ways away from the water. But it's pretty cool.

Found this neat window in a little nook of shops at Venice Beach. I have some sort of fascination with taking photos of windows and doors.

Pretty little balcony off an apartment along Santa Monica Pier. If it was mine, I'm not sure how much I would use it. So many people passing right above me.

I don't know if this is what you do with boarded up windows or if there are even windows there. But It's a good look.


jessica said...

check out my blog to see what I did with one of the pictures. and Ardath says it looks like you picked up a hobo in LA. lol. call me later once you see my blog.

judycolby said...

Tell Ardath, she might be right.