Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas.

It's been a good Christmas. It started off very good because Bill got up and did papers with Jess. Never woke me up. I heard him go out to start the van & figured he was planning on helping me with papers. But when I got up, the van was gone. So were Bill & Jess. It was so nice. It's been years since I have been home and not done papers. Unexpected presents are so nice.

This is so weird. We're watching a "House" marathon. I'm watching the second episode today that concerns Cushing's. Weird.

Justin had been in OK with his girlfriend and her grandparents. He'd said he would be home Christmas day. Last night he told us that they were leaving late last night and would get in early this morning. I know he quite often doesn't sleep at night, but I was a little worried about him driving all night. When he does get tired it seems he gets very tired. So of course by brain works overtime and starts to imagine what it would be like if he didn't make it home. So when he called early this morning to find out what time to come for breakfast, I realized that it was indeed a good Christmas. Even if he fell asleep and never made it over all day, it was good.

Still watching "House". So there are TV doctors that need strangling also!

We always have a big breakfast Christmas morning. Presents are after breakfast. Justin and Faith showed up right about the time we'd given up on them coming and were going to go open gifts without them.

I'm making a big confession here. We had a much bigger Christmas than I'd originally planned. My thinking might be a little screwed but....... I'm thinking there could be a good chance that there won't be the funds to have much of anything starting next year about the time Bill has surgery. So this was like a last hurrah. I don't know if it was right or wrong but at this point it doesn't matter.

Jess fell asleep watching TV. Bill is messing with his laptop. There is a ham in the oven, courtesy of Murfin's. They give all employees one every year.

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