Sunday, December 14, 2008

I love my corn bag. A friend gave it to me many years ago. I've always just used it when I was sick. This morning after papers I heated it in the microwave and used it when I went back to bed before church. It's great. I think it will become my winter friend.
It was cold and windy doing papers. I think wind chill was -15. Bill helped this morning, he does that sometimes when he's home. Cold doesn't usually bother him too much but this morning he saw the wisdom of pulling in most driveways. During nice weather it's no big deal to stay on the street and walk up to the porch. In extreme cold weather Jess & I like to hit all the driveways we can. Of course it then just becomes habit on some houses.
I think temps tomorrow are supposed to be colder. Friday evening the weatherman said that Monday would be a day to stay at home. Wonder if my boss would buy that. Probably. as long as she can stay home to.
I forgot to mention in past posts, that when we got home from LA there is a very nice wreath hanging n the trellis by our rosebushes. Looks very nice. I'm betting my sister, Sue had something to do with that.

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