Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm trying to make my body adjust back to Central time. I have a harder time adjusting when I come home. I suppose part of it is that I have a schedule that must be kept. When in LA, we have appointments but LA is two hours behind "our" time so it's never an issue of getting up on time.
Not too exciting of a day, except that I saw Dad. We hadn't been out to the farm to pick him up for lunch for about three weeks. That makes me feel bad as we are usually there every Saturday. His memory is failing some and I'm not sure he remembered that I hadn't picked him up for two weeks. He does always know it's Saturday if I/we show up. I think you easily loose track of the days when there is no schedule. He did ask how Bill's testing went so I know he remembered that we were gone.
I got the idea today that we need to have a 90th birthday party for him next May. I think he would enjoy it. I'll need to talk to my sisters and see what they say.
He used to write wonderful stories about his growing up years. I've started putting them in a blog.
I'm even adding some stories of my own (mine are red). I think it's important to pass down stories. I've also made notebooks for all of us with his stories.
Bill had a good idea for me. He thinks I need to get Dad to help record some family history. I think I could then include the "voice" stories on the blog. I'll have to see if Dad is interested.
He lacks energy and strength. I know he would be a happy man if he didn't wake up one day. I believe he is ready for his reward. While it's not hard to think about at this point I do dread the day it happens. I know from Mom's death that about the only thing that truly helps with the dark days after a death is remembering that Christians have a place reserved.
I just pray that Dad's reservation isn't for a while yet.

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