Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jess found this in the fax machine at work today. I wasn't expecting it because when I called UCLA the other day the gal told me it wouldn't be finished until next week. I thought that was a little odd, as the test was done over three weeks ago. I think she was buying time because she didn't know what to tell me when I asked if the results could be faxed to us. She thought they would have to come from our doctor. When I said that last year they had faxed my kids' results, she wasn't quite sure how to respond so she told me she'd have the doctor call me next week. I didn't really think that would happen but I figured that meant I could call back next Monday. So I was a little surprised to find the results today.

These results on Bill Kennedy,........, would indicate a pituitary source for
increased ACTH production with a greater than 2-fold gradient before CRH in the
right IPS (but with a normal cortisol) and a many fold gradient post CRH (at
least in the right inferior petrosal sinus sample). If due to an adenoma, it
would appear to drain into the right with a greater than 10-fold gradient
between right and left. The inferior petrosal sinuses were of similar size, and
normal. Obviously, these results must take into account the patient's clinical
scenario, and there are false positives and possible overlap with normal.

So there we have it. Nothing on the AVS yet and no word from Dr. F. While I was sure the IPSS would show something it's still a little of a shock to actually read it. Before, it was all in our mind, now it's positive.


SOwens said...

False positive? I don't think so Tim. I would cheer but I know how bad Cushing's is, let alone three of you in the same house.

judycolby said...

I agree. I think the kids' said the same thing. Must be to cover all the bases!