Friday, December 5, 2008

We leave for LA early tomorrow morning. Pretty much have everything done except some laundry and then need to pack. But that shouldn't take long.
Today is Ashley's and Alisha's birthday. Jess is at supper with Ashley and her folks. Alisha is cheering tonight, not sure if it's b-ball or wrestling.
There was a time that I couldn't stand the thought of leaving the house in a mess when I was going to be gone for a few days. I wanted everything straightened up and the dishes and laundry all done. Now? I don't care so much. I've lowered my standards for just about everything!! If we get where we need to go and have clean clothes with us, I consider it good.
I got the results of four out of five salivas we sent in for Justin. Two were high. I guess that's good since I've been pretty sure that his Cushing's is back. I can no longer take my short trips into dream land and hope that things are okay. So, now I know for sure that J&J both have a recurrence.
So maybe Dr. McC will find a tumor on each of their MRI's, which should then clear them (well, Justin probably needs a few more highs, he has one high midnight and two salivas) for surgery (again). Then maybe Bill's tests next week will show what is definitely going on and he'll also get a dx. Then we can just schedule them all for surgery together. Built in surgery buddies. That would make it all too easy though!
Next post from LA. At least it will be warmer there.

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Gracie said...


Try to have a little fun in sunny CA. It was like a honeymoon for us, even though I was there for medical stuff. Enjoy each other and your time alone without the kids! You two deserve a BREAK! I hope all the testing goes well, and shows what we know!