Friday, January 30, 2009

After listening to Dr. Friedman's blogtalkradio interview last night, I've done a lot of thinking. While talking about whether Cushing's could be inherited he mentioned Carney Complex & MEN1 or the fact that children inherit their parents' genes. So this morning doing papers, I kept running it all around in my mind. So this will probably ramble a bit, sort of like it did in my mind,
I really hope that at some point the kids and Bill have a cure (remission) and only have to deal with the aftermath of Cushing's. No new diseases popping up.
When Andy first ordered some tests for Bill just to see if we were on the right track, he also ordered tests for parathyroid and a pheo. I think I remember this correctly. The parathyroid was tested either two or three times and always at the same time as his cortisol. Not because anyone thought there was a connection but because they both needed tested.
Now I think this is odd. When his cortisol was normal, so was the parathyroid. When the cortisol was high, so was the parathyroid. I emailed at least one parathyroid expert (and maybe two, I can't remember) and they said there is no connection between the two.
But still I wonder. I had thought when parathyroid was off - it was just off. That it didn't cycle like cortisol can. I hate to waste money (mine or the insurance company's), but I would love to have those two tests repeated together several times and see what the results are. If PT is still high when cortisol is, I'd then like to have the test redone several times when/if he gets to remission with Cushing's.
It's just my personal theory and maybe it only presents that way with Bill? Who knows for sure.
I sometimes wonder if, when one has more (besides the usual that goes with Cushing's) going on than Cushing's, if it isn't the driving force behind them all. Cure Cushing's and maybe the rest in one shot?
Just my unscientific thoughts!
And now I know why I couldn't post the little widget to put Dr. F's interview on my blog. This morning when I went to Herding Zebras I found every one I'd tried to post!! Not sure how that happened. I used the address for this blog when trying to inbed it. Oh well.
Today the van gets new brake pads. No more squealing for me.

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