Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lunch with Dad was a lot of fun today. My niece and her two kids went with us. They were at my sister's house. Elsie just lives a half mile from Dad and does more to take care of him than the rest of us. So, Manda, Jordan (7) and Isabella (4) went with us. I always forget how funny they are. And of course I'm always happy that my kids no longer run me ragged trying to keep them in line! Although really, her kids are very well behaved. But I think left to their own devices long enough things would surely get out of hand! Isabella reminds me so much of her mother when she was that age. Incidentally, when I'm around Manda & Jess together I tend to want to call Jess by Manda's name. They remind me a lot of each other. Of course my sister Sue gets my name and her oldest daughter Tanya mixed up. When we're all together she calls us by each others name. Quite often what she's saying doesn't seem to fit the name she put with it. So after it happens enough times, when Sue says one of our names, Tanya & I just look at each other and shrug. We figure eventually Sue will figure out who she really wants to talk to!

So back to today. Isabella had a tiny tube of chap stick. Pretty cute. She told me it was for their lips when her and Jordan were "skinny." (Yes, they share the chap stick. But my siblings and I all shared a drinking glass at the kitchen sink when we were growing up. We still tend to drink out of each others glasses.) We didn't really understand what she meant, but Jess and I both started laughing because she was so cute when she said it. She finished explaining it to us, "you know when you get loose skin on your lips." By then I was laughing so hard I never thought to tell her that most of us just call that chapped lips, she can have "skinny" lips if she wants.

Isabella reminds me of Jess when she was young, in that Jess wanted to discipline Justin and Isabella wants to do the same thing to Jordan. Must be imitating their mothers. Today while their mom was gone from the table, Jordan starts to spread butter on his roll using a spoon. Isabella glances over at him and says "A knife would be nice." Sounded just like her mother. Of course Jordan didn't pay any attention. I guess when you enjoy being with the people you're with, anything becomes funny.
Manda had me check out her new camera. I had to take a lot of pictures to do that! Tomorrow when I see her I'll have my computer with me and get the pictures from her card. Some days lately Dad seems to be more distant. I really don't know how to explain it. Jess is making a purse. It looks pretty neat. Jess is going extreme bowling with Sue's family tonight. I'll go in when I drop her off and visit a bit.

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