Monday, January 19, 2009

More jugs came today. More saliva kits on the way. We get such exciting packages! But it's sad that I know the toll free Esoterix number! What I really want to get is something from Cedars with Bill's AVS results. But I only ordered them online last week. But hope they don't take too long.
I'm starting to understand Quick Books a bit more.
My brother and his family might be moving to Florida. That makes me sad. It's one thing to have one of my brothers in Florida off and on throughout the year to keep an eye on things, but quite another to have one move there. They have a custom silage cutting business and one of the dairies they cut for in Florida is a year round job. I've worked in that area with them so it won't be completely foreign. Just a long way from the rest of us. I'm guessing they'll find a house in Okeechobee.

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