Friday, January 9, 2009

Jess is gone to a basketball tournament. She went with another family and is staying with yet another family. I wasn't able to go as there is really no one to take my place at work. I'm pretty much the only employee now. My boss fills in for me if I need to be gone for medical reasons. And since I'm sure I have more of that coming I just hate to ask for the time off. She has been so understanding and encouraging.
Jess called yesterday while I was at the post office but she told Ardath (my boss) that they'd won one game and lost one. They play again this morning. If they win, they'll play again. She's playing with the local home school team. She seems to enjoy it. It should help her out with her PE this semester.
I saw Justin for a bit yesterday. I can't as easily gauge how he feels these days. Which I think means he doesn't feel as bad as he did before surgery, which is good.
I am really no good at waiting. We all are like that I think, we want to see the results of testing NOW. Still don't know anything about Bill's AVS. And I know that waiting to get the results from Dr. F will take forever. I'm sure he has Cushing's and the AVS will show if he has aldosteronism. If he has both I'm not quite sure what the plan will be. I think about it a lot and try to figure out which the doctors think would be the best, pit or adrenal surgery. Maybe all three can just have BLAs and be done with it.

The first week of our schedule to have everyone write Dad on a regular basis has worked. With Presto the administrator (me) can login and check the status of things. He has gotten nine letters in seven days. Yea! It also says the printer is out of paper. My brother said he'd take care of it today. It's so nice to be able to write Dad so easily. He never uses the phone anymore as his hearing is so bad. He's tried several different devices and hasn't liked the results. The nice thing about his email machine is that he can go back and reread the letters. He can also receive photos. That's handy for the nieces having babies. Their husbands can email Dad a photo from their cell phone.
Maybe today will be the day for AVS results. Of course I think that every day!

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