Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jess & I spent the day at a basketball tournament in Quinter today. Her team played at 10:00 this morning and again at 5:00 this afternoon. The second game was scheduled for 6:00 but the schedule had said that there would only be 10 minutes between games so by the middle of the day, games were starting before the scheduled time. Fine by me. We were leaving for home by 6:00.
Jess didn't play a whole lot. Both games were lost, the last one by just two points with only about 40 seconds left on the clock. One thing I noticed about this team is that they like to play and they like to win, but their spirits don't seem dampened by a loss (or two). That's good.
Elsie brought Dad over to watch the first game.
There was a girl on the first team they played that looked very Cushie to me. I studied her a lot and I'd bet she either has Cushing's or is on pred for some reason. Definitely the face, neck, eyes, midsection. The upper back/shoulders look just like Justin's. His "hump" isn't a typical Cushie hump.
On the way home Jess said that she was feeling funny. like there was a balloon blown up in her chest/abdomen area. I asked her if it was like bloating and she said it wasn't. Not long after we got home she said it was still there and it felt hard to breathe. I knew she wasn't feeling good when she came out and laid down on the couch and covered up to watch TV. She fell asleep not long after that, a little after 8:00. I imagine sleep is good for her. I hate when new things crop up and we don't yet understand what they mean.
I think I'll go to bed soon too. I missed my nap that I quite often take on Saturdays.
Obama has made it very clear where he stands on abortion. While it did make the front page of a local paper I notice that I had to search to find it on some news web sites.
Bitter cold weather back for the last few days.

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