Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This just in my inbox from Lynne.
Judy- I can get you in sooner, if you want. Dr. Friedman wants Bill to continue
taking UFC's. Here's a req attached; print as many times as you need/want. This
phone appointment is for Bill, correct? Dr. Friedman told me on 1/13/09 that he
wants bill to keep doing UFC's and set a phone appointment. Dr. Friedman's

Guess, there's my answer - more testing. I had thought that the IPSS was pretty definitive. And of course now that three will be actively testing we can meet our deductible for the new year very easily. Well, if we can afford to pay the bills when they come!
Can hardly wait to tell Bill. Something tells me that since the email I sent was ignored, the kids will need a lot of highs. Time to call Esoterix - again.
I wanted an email, I got it.

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Gracie said...

Aw man, Judy! That is such a bummer! I don't understand it! I really don't. My best guess is that even though it looks fairly cut and dry, he's thinking there might be something else going on that is not as obvious.??. I hope this year doesn't drag on for you! We need a healthy Kennedy family 4x!