Monday, January 19, 2009

Jess pointed out a cool site that is kind of like Photo Shop. It's a free download. It doesn't have as many features as Photo Shop & is a bit different to use if you're already used to PS. But it's a free download, who could ask for more. Jess put it on my laptop for something she was working on. I need to practice with it more and learn how to use the features. I'm just happy to have it.

The rig is finally moving to a new location this morning. It's been a week that it's been down. Wonder if this will be the new norm for a while. I can live with that (like I have a choice!) as long as it doesn't get slower. We'll pray.

Justin is actually doing some UFCs. Surprise, surprise. He hates doing them and usually puts them off and puts them off. Maybe I actually got through to him that I want a lot of highs before too long.

Still no word on a dx for Bill from Dr. F. I know he has to have results in his hand, the tests were in the first part of December. Even I have the results of one of the tests and hopefully the other set of results is on the way. Maybe I'm wrong and there really is nothing wrong.

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