Thursday, January 1, 2009

The new year begins. Besides doing papers this morning there is nothing that I have to do today. Probably a lot that I should do but we'll see. I know Jess wants to go to the Quilt Cabin. They have a big sale on Jan. 1st. Also might take recycling if the wind doesn't come up. And I have a really good book that needs attention.
I just sent an email to all my family. About a year ago I got Dad a Presto email machine. Usage has dwindled to almost nothing and that is sad for Dad. So I decided we would sign up for a schedule and that way Dad should get a couple of letters a day. I reminded them that he can't go out into the world unless someone shows up to take him. We need to go to him. I hope everyone does this. He doesn't care about just the big news, everyday life news would be sufficient. I hope they all know that I'm not upset with them, we just need to pay more attention.
Bill probably has to go back to work tomorrow. While it'll make it easier on the checkbook it'll be tough on him. And I think he has barely slept in a couple of days or more.
I have my letter ready to email to Dr. F asking his opinion on BLAs for J&J. Hope I get a favorable response.
It feels good to have the whole day off with no obligations.

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Gracie said...


I hope he agrees to BLA's for the kids. Be firm in saying that is what you want. I think he'll go for it. I hope they are back to surgery soon, so they can be on the road to recovery, once again. I understand the ins. issues. Bill's IPSS is impressive. Hang in there! You are one tough family!