Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just got results for five of Jess' salivas sent in earlier this week. She hit the jackpot.
1/18 - 0.059
1/19 - 0.073
1/20 - 0.460
1/21 - 0.180
1/22 - 0.310
Monday or Tuesday (depending on when I call FedEx) I should have one more UFC from all three to send in. On Tuesday I think the rest of Justin's salivas should be ready to send in.
I think there is a chance that by next Friday or Saturday I should be able to get results from everything I shipped yesterday. I know they are at the lab because when I called today to get Jess' results they told me they had just arrived today. So I explained that there was some that had come in earlier in the week. Judging from what I saw on the Esoterix website, everything should be tested by then.
I have to keep a log and mark off what results are back or I get confused with so many tests going in. Hope the rest of the results are as good as the ones we got today.
Lunch with my dad was fun today. None of the little girls went for various reasons. But their dad (my brother Bob) ended up going with us. I let him drive so that he wouldn't have to eat his knees. We took the "scenic" route! Dad thought we ought to try out a cafe in Gove, a very little town. Bob called someone he knew to see if this place was open on Saturdays. His friend thought it was. Well, his friend was wrong. But it was a nice drive. After eating at The Shack in Grainfield we stopped for Dad to visit a neighbor and then took him home.

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