Saturday, January 17, 2009

I shouldn't of taken a nap late this afternoon. Now I'm not tired. But I did discover that MASH is on Saturday nights. Jess told me a while back that she thought all of this was very exhausting for me because she notices that I sleep more than I used too. I think she's right. Now, if I'm tired I sleep. And usually wish I could sleep more.
I'm now waiting for medical records at Cedars Sinai to send us the results of Bill's AVS. Once I get those I'll fax the results of the AVS & IPSS to Dr. F. See what happens with that.
If the kids have any more results back by then, I'll fax those also. Justin is (I hope) working on some UFCs. Jess needs to do some salivas but those kits haven't arrived yet. Probably Monday.
Justin was off yesterday and today so we saw him some. He was over a bit ago to see if we had anything for headaches. Odd, because Jess also has a headache. I don't think either of them get one to often, or at least they don't tell me if they do.
It seems to be getting harder to fix meals for the family. Between odd sleep habits and food cravings, meals never seem to be the right thing at the right time. I don't try as hard as I used to. I hate fixing meals that no one wants. So I don't always, there's plenty in the house for someone to fix what they want. It feels a little weird though, meals are something I'm supposed to be doing. Maybe some day it'll all mesh.

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