Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm beginning to think we're never going to know what the diagnosis is for Bill. Every day that passes with no answers leaves me a little more depressed. I'm thinking we'll never see the end of this road.
Bill hasn't worked for several days. I guess the lower oil prices may have scared away a lot of investors, leaving fewer locations to move to. That's just my theory. I just know it's not a good thing when he was off most of the month of Dec.
I finally got up the nerve to take a hard look at our finances and figure out a plan for when Bill is off of work for surgery. I'm still assuming that at some point he will get there. I realized the plan will be to just wing it day by day. There probably isn't enough to meet all the bills each month and buy groceries (and gas). So it will just be a matter of deciding which bills are late. No, wait that won't work so well, most of the bills are auto debit. I have left a cushion in the checking account for a few years. Wonder how far it will go.
After Bill's surgery it may be time for me to find an additional job. I just hate the thought of starting a new job when there are so many family demands (or maybe it just seems to me there is, as so many things can need attention) on my time after a surgery. And then what do they say if the kids have surgery soon also. I don't know what I'll do but I have been playing with that idea.
It's trying to snow and I'm sure I've been hearing thunder. What a weird combination.
I've noticed some blogs going private. Cuts in to my reading material. But it makes my blog list shorter.

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