Thursday, January 8, 2009

I must be in a pissy mood. Twice, I've just read (in a certain place) that "I am a professional" and don't have much time to do testing, or whatever for a Cushing's diagnosis. What? Do the rest of us peons have any more time? Know how much time I've spent in doctors' offices for Cushing's and I'm not even the one sick! My time is less valuable than theirs? HA
On second thought, I don't recall feeling pissy until I read that.
If I didn't have such an understanding boss my job would of been gone long ago. But maybe since I'm not a "professional" it wouldn't matter quite as much. My husband might not be a "professional" either, he also has very little time. His work is so physically demanding that he comes home from work and can do very little but sleep, or try to. If he's not alert at his job, it could cost him (or someone else) their life.
Actually, I think we all are professionals whether we work for an hourly wage or stay home and raise our kids.
I thought of pointing this out on the board, but thought it would look petty & pissy.
So I choose to be professionally pissy at the moment.


Gracie said...

LOL! Judy, I know what you mean. I had similar thoughts. I didn't have time for testing with 5 kids at home, that I homeschool, but I sure had to make the time, or I'd still be at square one! Whatever! Maybe people who don't have to work as hard for their cure, don't really appreciate it as much. Do you suppose? We know the ins and outs and all the back alleys to this disease! Professional testers is what we are! LOL!


yuki said...

How are you?
I regularly visit your blog.
Keep on challenging!

SOwens said...

Don't worry, I read it like you did. I try to be diplomatic on the place(s) your talking about. Sometimes you just want to scream.

Gracie said...

My other thought was, if people can maintain a "professional" status, this disease has not taken them to the places we have been. There is NO WAY some of them could be in as bad of a shape as some of us have been, or they would not be holding down a job! I've had it for a LONG time, and the last 2 yrs. knocked me off my feet! Literally! We all have to get along, and be diplomatic, as Steve said, but sometimes those things do dig deep, don't they?


judycolby said...

Thanks guys, I thought maybe it was just me. I hope I never come across that way, tell me if I do.

I really don't know how Bill is still working. Shear willpower to keep our insurance. Even if it was offered at my job, switchng would be disasterous.

Robin said...

Judy, you hit the nail on the head. If that person (I don't know who it is) isn't sick enough to test, s/he will be if s/he really has Cushing's.