Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well, it seems we must really be going to LA. I booked the hotel tonight. Although I feel just a bit odd about it. I usually try to call the hotel direct to make reservations. But during the phone call I found out that even with a UCLA Med rate it was more than booking online. Seems a little crazy to me. But I went through the internet.
We're staying at the Royal Palace Westwood.
The kids and I stayed there last year when they had their IPSS. It's close to UCLA.
So now I have to get things in order at work so that I can be gone for most of a week. And keep praying that the test show exactly what is wrong with Bill.
I spent a lolt of time this weekend working on the stories that Dad wrote and putting them in the blog.
Mostly I'm doing it for myself but maybe the family will read it. I've put the address in my email signature. I have made notebooks of his stories for the whole family about ten years ago or so. But I thought a blog with all his stories that include so much history would be fun.

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jessica said...

And when you say you need to get things ready at work for you to be gone, that includes stocking the refrigerator with food for me to eat?? Because that is really an issue for me right now. There are pizzas, wich are only good at home, 3 tv dinners, and a pot pie. And cheese. For the pot pie of course, but basically the whole point of this is that we need to do some shopping for me. Because I'm running out of lunch foods here at home too.