Sunday, February 1, 2009

I've been at this way too long. Saw an email in my inbox from Dr. F tonight and it didn't even make my heart jump like it usually does. Haven't decided if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Bad, as in that it has just gotten to be routine. We're moving up my phone appointment to sometime in February instead of March. It will be for all three. Should have several more results for everybody by then.
I also have noticed when the fax rings at work it no longer turns me into a nervous wreck, even if I'm sure that it will be test results I find in the machine.
I've also come to not even notice the Esoterix boxes sitting around the house. We could just start using them as white end tables. All the cool Cushies can have them!
While having lunch with my dad and brother yesterday, Bob & I talked a lot about our medical situation. Of all my siblings he probably knows the least about it. I'm not sure why that is, I suppose when we do see each other we talk about other things. And they don't have internet service at home, so they never get updates. But I haven't sent out an update in a long time as there is nothing new to say.
Anyway we covered a lot of ground yesterday from physical to mental symptoms concerning Bill, J&J. As we were about ready to get up from the table, he looked right at me and said something like "you lead a really strange existence." He meant no offense and I took none. He was just stating a fact from his point of view. And yes, compared to my siblings' families, we do lead a quite different life. But I don't see it changing much anytime soon. I'm sure it's a good thing for him to see how it is when a rare chronic illness (X3) comes to live in your house.

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