Sunday, May 24, 2009

Among life's mysteries is how a two-pound box of chocolate can make a person gain five pounds. - Anonymous
May 23/24

Jess is home from the hospital. It seems like it's been a long week. Probably a lot longer for her. I'm glad that tomorrow is a holiday and the store is closed. Now I need to seriously start cleaning, or at least considering cleaning my house.
The first week home after BLAs has been eventful. Thankfully they didn't both have problems. So far Justin seems to be doing pretty good. Probably the most noticeable think is that his shoulders are straight. He never had a true buffalo hump, just terribly slumped shoulders that would periodically straighten up. Actually, I found a picture on some medical website about Cushing's that showed a hump that looked just like Justin's. I used to walk past him and poke him in the back and tell him to straighten up having no idea what was really wrong.
A whole day off tomorrow and nothing that I have to do, wonder what I will do.

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