Monday, May 18, 2009

Chocolate stain removal: Rinse stain with cold water. Rub in liquid detergent: let sit for five minutes. Soak for ten minutes in cold water and rub every three to five minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
May 18

The few days we've been home since J&J's surgeries seem kind of strange. It's as if I've walked back into my life after being absent for a very long time. I don't quite know where I fit or what I should be doing. Well, I guess it's pretty obvious what I should be doing at home - cleaning house. I must of been half blind! If I think about cleaning the house as a whole, it's way to daunting. So I'm just starting to do a little here and there and it'll get done. It'd be easier if Bill didn't sleep days. With Cushing's, his sleep isn't the best and I hate to make too much noise and wake him up. So I don't get a lot of cleaning done while he's home.
Today, I was half way through the workday when I realized I had never taken my cell phone out of my purse. I would never of done that before surgery. I always wanted the phone with me in case I got a call from a doctor's office. As I was working, I felt really strange - it occurred to me today how much time I have spent thinking of things related to Cushing's. I would run scenarios through my mind in regard to setting up appointments, the appointments themselves, what would happen if the appointment went this way, or if it went that way. I think I was totally consumed by Cushing's. Today was so different. I could keep my mind on what I was doing, I didn't have to check and double check what I had just done.
Yesterday at Dad's birthday party, no one (meaning my sisters) would ask me to do anything. They just let me wander around and take pictures. I thought about going to help a few times, but was pretty sure they would tell me to just take it easy. So I just decided I'd do that. I felt a little guilty, but not much. They were probably afraid they'd send me over the edge!
Jess came down to the store for a little bit today. Think she just wanted to get out of the house.
So starts our first week home without Cushing's, at least for the kids.


Hi, I'm Rene said...

A semi-normal life would be nice for a change!

judycolby said...

If we only figure out how to do that! Less than two months for you now, right?