Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate. - Katherine Hepburn
May 20

Took Jess to the ER earlier. They ended up admitting her. Some of her labs were off and she's still vomitting. I think we may have a handle on it. While she seems to feel pretty good, I think her hydro dose is too low. We're going to switch things around a little and see what happens. Of course while in the hospital they will only administer the meds as they were prescribed. Guess it won't hurt if they don't know that I gave her 5 mg of hydro before I left the hospital. If I'd gone through proper channels, we would of had to talk to a doctor that has no idea what is going on. I hope my instincts are right. It seemed that the labs that were off would indicate AI, even though she really isn't exhibiting many signs of that.
I came home and will go back as soon as I finish papers in the morning.


Christina said...

Hugs, spoons and prayers are with her. I hope everything is okay...and she's home and not vomiting soon!

Hi, I'm Rene said...

I hope things are going better today. Hugs to you both.